How can we serve you today?

We serve customers throughout the valley and parts of West Virginia. Our comfort advisors are more than salesmen or estimators – they strive to provide long-term value rather than low-quality quick fixes.

… the men you sent today are not installers, they’re craftsmen.
– Bob, Waynesboro



    We are in the business of designing and installing high-quality air conditioning and heating equipment tailored specifically for your comfort. Our comfort advisors are Landes family members with many years of experience.


    We offer a variety of innovative options for improving your home’s indoor air quality. We can advise you on products for air purification, humidity control, and fresh air ventilation to customize an indoor air quality solution for your home.


    When you ignore your heating and cooling systems, you risk serious problems down the road. A poorly maintained system can send your utility bills through the roof, require expensive repairs, void factory warranties, and lead to costly and frustrating breakdowns. Check out our Planned Service program.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

    We offer 24-hour emergency service on all in-house accounts and will strive to make repairs and restore your comfort as soon as possible.


    Is your crawlspace, basement, or living area damp? Or is the air in your home too dry causing dry skin and problems with wooden furniture and floors? We can install whole home systems to control the humidity.


    We can help quite a noisy system or balance the airflow of your system for peak performance.

  • Air Duct Cleaning

    Your air duct system is the “lungs” of your home. If your duct system is dirty, it’s breathing dirty air into your home each time it runs. Clean air ducts mean you’re breathing cleaner air.

    At Landes we use the “Duct Whip” system for cleaning your home’s air ducts. This patented system cleans the duct surface more thoroughly, reaching areas that other methods can’t , ensuring the finest possible air-duct cleaning job on the market today.

Home Appliances


    If your water heater is old and/or leaking, our service professionals can remove the old water heater and install a new one.


    Want to replace your electric range with a gas range? We can install the necessary gas piping and gas range.


    Over time, a dryer vent can get clogged causing your clothes to take longer and longer to dry. We can check the dryer vent and clean if necessary.