Is Your HVAC System Running Efficiently?

Most HVAC service calls start with your perception of performance. Is the target temperature being reached? How quickly does your system heat or cool? Does the system maintain the target temperature throughout the day and night? These questions help to hone your concerns. Is it a temperature or airflow issue? Are we dealing with a design flaw or a clogged filter? Each problem has it’s own solution, some much easier and cheaper than others to solve!

Installation Makes A Difference

HVAC systems have particular specifications for proper installation. The efficiency of your system starts with installation. Relocating components of an HVAC system can be costly and time consuming. If you think your system may be installed improperly, out comfort advisors do consultations to determine the best way to fix the installation issues. All of our new installations are guaranteed and performed by trained technicians to eliminate efficiency problems from improper installation.

Keep Air Filters Clean For Optimal Airflow

A clogged filter can greatly impact your HVAC system’s performance. Regularly cleaning the air filter or replacing it allows the air to flow freely through the unit to effectively cool and heat your home or business.

Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat communicates the target temperature to your HVAC system, and, when working properly, controls the comfort in your space. If your system is struggling to satisfy the target temperature, you may have thermostat issues. Thermostats today can be programmable and even responsive to the conditions within the space, regulating more than just temperature. You can save money in energy bills with thermostats that adjust for periods of time when the space is empty. Are you using the maximum functionality of your thermostat?

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