quarterIt all started with one quarter.

Our founder, Rev. Olen B. Landes (retired), converted a chicken house into what was then named Landes Sheet Metal Shop and opened for business on January 1, 1948. His first job was to fix a mailbox for a neighbor for which he charged 25¢.

Do the job right. If they won’t let you do it right, let someone else do it.
– Rev. Olen Landes (Founder)

Today, Landes Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is still a family owned and operated business. We install heat pumps, oil & gas furnaces, indoor air quality products, and provide air duct cleaning service. We operate our own custom sheet metal fabrication shop which utilizes a computer automated plasma cutter.

Landes Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. now serves an area spanning North to Winchester, East to the Blue Ridge Mountains, South to Lexington, and West to Franklin, West Virginia.

Our Family

Rev. Landes started out with one employee and a utility trailer he pulled behind his 1937 Ford 66 horsepower car.  In the sixty plus years we have been in business, “family” means everything. Just ask any one of us.

4-6319 Landes' first phone number
4-6319 Landes’ first phone number

Some Things Change

A lot changes when you’ve been in business as long as we have.  Technology, products, services, etc.  But it’s the things that haven’t changed since that first quarter that keeps us doing what we do.  Treat our customers like family.