We offer 24 hour emergency service for HVAC repair on all in house accounts. As your local heating and cooling experts, we offer routine maintenance through our “Planned Service” Program. Being a part of a “Planned Service” maintenance program helps keep your system running at peak efficiency all year long.

When you ignore your heating and cooling systems, you risk serious problems down the road. A poorly maintained system can send your utility bills through the roof (even gradually, so that you may not notice a sudden change) requiring expensive repairs, voiding factory warranties, and lead to costly and frustrating breakdowns.

Customer Benefits

Below are just a few of the many items the technician will check while servicing:

  • Cleaning Evaporator & Condenser Coils

    Prevents foreign material from settling on and into the finned surfaces. This material reduces the system’s capacity to remove heat from the conditioned space and increases energy consumption.

  • Measuring Voltage & Amperage on Motors

    Prevents improper voltage and amperage from significantly reducing the life of the compressor, evaporator and condenser motors.

  • Adjusting Blower Components Properly

    Results in adequate airflow, ensuring proper capacity and equipment reliability.

  • Inspecting Condensate Drain

    Prevents a clogged condensate drain from creating considerable water damage and affecting indoor humidity levels.

  • Checking Refrigerant Operating Pressures

    Prevents improper refrigerant changes (too much or too little) from damaging the compressor and causing high electric bills through reduced system efficiency.

  • Inspecting Air Filters

    Prevents dirty air filters from reducing the air flow over the evaporator coil. Dirty air filters can result in inadequate cooling and can cause high energy usage and damage to the compressor.

  • Lubricating All Moving Parts Where Needed

    Prevents friction in the motor and drive shaft which can destroy the bearings and burn out the motor.

  • Checking Thermostat Calibration

    prevents excess heating or cooling from costing the customer money and affecting the customer’s comfort.

  • Proper Setting of Set Back Thermostats

    Will keep the customer comfortable while keeping energy consumption at a minimum.

  • Measuring Correct Air Flow

    Helps ensure the system is operating at maximum efficiency.

  • Tightening Electrical Connections

    Prevents loose connections creating excessive heat, damaging the wiring and the unit. Loose connections cause improper voltage to various components, making them either inoperative or causing eventual failure.

  • Checking Safeties and Limits

    On furnaces this ensures the equipment will shut off if a problem arises.

Our trained professionals will inspect, clean, adjust and lubricate your equipment, and we’ll let you know if your system needs repairs of any kind. You’re protected, because we care about your comfort and are there for you with 24 hour emergency service. When you have all the facts, we think you’ll agree, “Planned Service” makes a lot of sense.

Customer Assurance Pricing

Gives you the option of knowing how much a service or repair will cost up-front. You’ll also get a good diagnosis and quality repair since technician time on-the-job is no longer a factor in pricing.

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